Mosaic arts and crafts. Kits for the teaching of Art history and arts and crafts.

Teachers’ kits
Teachers’ kits
Teachers’ kits

Educational creative activity for schools and museums

Mosaic kits for school teachers, museums facilitators, for the organisation of educational individual creative activity or for a collective project.

An educational package that sums up the mosaic technique according to the following historical periods: Roman, Medieval, Byzantine, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Modern Art.

Beautiful hand-crafted mini tiles ideal for an easy and safe practice of tools with children!

Because it is far much easier to memorise Art History by the practice of a hands-on creative activity!

Your class has thirty students but the budget is limited?

This mosaic kit package is ideal to satisfy the curious appetite of children and create a fun creative activity with a small budget!

A methodology is provided for the organisation of several workshops in small groups in order for children to participate in turn, either to make the mosaic or do a workshop involving mathematics, history, art history, drawing, design of the overall project!

Ideas: school signage, wall decor, wall frieze or collective artwork to be completed with ordinary tiles… etc. Each small individual artwork can also represent an original creation for sale at the school fair!

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