Do you need material for the creation of mosaic?

You will find in this online shop some unique items for your mosaic creations!

The mosaic and in particular micro-mosaic requires only very little material and offers plenty of creative possibilities!

Do you know what support to use to make your mosaic?
The micro mosaic tiles, thanks to its miniature size, can be fixed onto many materials such as wood, metal, cardboard, terracotta, cement on… etc. Simply little material will be needed for the creation of a mosaic.

Purchase mosaic and material for the creation of mosaic
If you want to make the purchase of mosaic tiles, this arts and crafts online shop can supply you with many items designed to make mosaic artworks. Indeed, you will find many supplies but more specifically some original, unique and high quality items for sale on the site:
Mosaic materials: adhesive, binder,
Mosaic supports: wooden support, terra cotta tile, boxes,
Mosaic tools: cutting pliers, tweezers,.
Mosaic tiles: micro mosaic in glazed ceramic tiles are sold in bags of 10g, 50g or 100g. Very nice quality craftsmanship, they have can be cut easily with mini cutters.
Mosaic kit: mosaic kits offered in this shop are unique and ‘ homemade ‘. You won’t find them anywhere else! Very handy to learn the art of mosaic, mosaic kits contain all the necessary items to achieve, with specific instructions, some beautiful mosaics. You will discover in these pretty boxes: a support to decorate with the tiny mosaic tiles, glue, tools, leaflets on the technique and the history of the mosaic as well as a how-to!

Mosaic practice as DIY arts and crafts

Mosaic is very much used in DIY arts and crafts, as it is a technique that can be practised in many small decorative work and crafts. In addition to material for the creation of mosaic, if you want some creative inspiration, we propose you to discover our section of tutorials in mosaics.